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7 Resources for Vetting your Roofing Company

If you’re in the market for a new roof or roof repair, it’s important to put time and effort into vetting potential Orange County roofing contractors. Luckily, this is easier than ever with the power of the internet. Today, there are plenty of online resources you can use to check out potential roofers’ credentials and customer reviews. Here are just seven resources you can use today to check out potential roofing companies for your next project:

1.California Contractor State License Board

At a minimum, any roofing contractor you hire should have a license from the California Contractor State License Board (CSLB). You’ll need to look for the company’s license number on its website or marketing materials, and be sure that the contractor can complete the work that you need to have done. Ideally, your Orange County roofing company will be able to handle any sort of roofing project, just in case any additional issues pop up during your project’s process.

2.Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is the best place to go for potential negative reviews of roofers and other contractors. While customers technically can leave good feedback with the BBB, they’re most likely to leave negative feedback. But you should still check out the roofer’s history to see if they’ve had any complaints in the past few years. Also, you can see if a business is accredited with the BBB and what sort of overall rating they have.

3.National Roofing Contractor Association

This third-party association, and others like it, certify members’ knowledge of current industry standards and practices. They also ensure that contractors cooperate with local safety guidelines. Membership in one of these associations isn’t mandatory when looking for a great Orange County roofing contractor. But it can show that your contractor is serious about staying up-to-date on the latest trends and practices.

4.Manufacturer’s Certifications

In order to install certain materials, roofers actually need to be certified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk paying an arm and a leg for high-quality materials, but missing out on your warranty. This is because contractors must be certified by the manufacturer in order to install materials under a warranty. If you have a particular manufacturer or material in mind for your roofing project, you should definitely be sure that your contractor has the appropriate certifications in place.

5.Government Certifications

Some contractors get involved in optional government programs, such as recycling programs that allow them to safely recycle certain used roofing materials. Contractors could also participate in programs for lead remediation and other similar programs. Most of the time, contractors will show off these certifications on their marketing materials, but you may want to verify them independently wherever possible.

6.Social Media

Looking for real reviews by customers of your potential roofer? Look at social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a great place to find review from individuals who have dealt directly with the company in question. Plus, you can always ask friends on these networks if they’ve dealt with local contractors for their own roofing problems. You might be surprised at how much advice you can get from other locals.

7.Third-Party Review Websites

Can’t find the feedback you’re looking for on social media? Check out third-party review websites like Angie’s List. These websites are great because they may actually vet the reviewers to ensure that they’ve actually dealt with the company in question. Other websites are open to anyone, but most reviews will be reasonable and from real customers.

Aside from these seven resources, be sure that you also talk directly to the contractor in question. You should always get in-person estimates for your job. This is a great option because it doesn’t just give you a total price for your project, but also a feel for how the contractor communicates and values customers.

Working through resources like these does take time. But it’s worth your while when it results in a great contractor that works well for your particular project. Take your time when considering these and other indicators of a contractors’ qualifications. And be sure to look at multiple contractors when looking for someone to fulfill your roofing needs.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofer in Tustin and surrounding areas, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing need and situation. Wherever and whenever you need roofing services in OC, you definitely can count on Luke Roofing.

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New Angle on Roofing

This is not exactly the high roof leak season for the average Orange County roofing company. The skies are clear and dry, and the last thing on anyone’s mind is unwanted moisture penetrating their beloved home. However, the moisture will appear when the rain clouds do. And despite Orange County’s clear, blue skies, those gray masses will make their appearance soon enough. By that time, certain roofs may show their wear and tear in the form of leaks. And certain people will be looking at new water stains on their ceilings and walls. There is an alternative to this unwelcome outcome. Instead of waiting for the moisture to enter the premises, you’ll be far safer getting the opinion of a qualified Orange County roofing contractor. This professional can evaluate the condition of your roof and advise you of any existing or potential leak zones. 
Flat roofs may be particularly vulnerable to leakage. This shape makes it easy for unwanted moisture to accumulate and form pools. Then it’s just a matter of time before the moisture finds its way into your home. But there is a solution -- tapered insulation. This can dramatically reduce the leakage risk associated with flat roofs. Angled at a gradual slope, tapered insulation provides improved drainage for your rooftop. You may want to talk to a qualified Orange County roofing company to get more information about this solution. 
Many Orange County homes are characterized by flat rooftops. Let’s say your home in Tustin has this type of roof. In that case, you definitely should contact a qualified Tustin roofing company to get an evaluation. If the company’s representative determines that you could benefit from tapered insulation, then by all means make the necessary change to your rooftop. You’ll be glad when the rainclouds finally make their appearance.   
If you have any questions about tapered insulation for your roof, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County Roofing company, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Whether you need roofing services in Tustin or anywhere else in OC, you definitely can count on Luke Roofing.  
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Strength in Fiberglass

Perhaps you’re selling a home in Orange County community such as Tustin. You look the place over, and everything seems fine until … you notice the roof is not what it used to be. In fact, it’s worn out and ready for immediate replacement – clearly a deterrent to a timely home sale. So you call in a Tustin roofer to get an idea of your options – and there are many. One of the possible materials presented by your chosen Orange County roofer will be fiberglass.

Fiberglass is composed of plastic backed by glass fibers – hence, the name. The vast majority of contemporary fiberglass shingles employ two separate layers. Each of these fiberglass layers is bonded with a sealant, then coated with asphalt. The dual material composition of fiberglass shingles gives them comparatively more weight than conventional types. But with this added weight comes greater strength and durability.

As any commercial roofer will tell you, another advantage of fiberglass is its ability resist the scorching heat of the sun. Likewise, the material is extremely waterproof.  So fiberglass covers both extremes quite nicely -- neither rain nor scorching sunshine will make much progress with fiberglass on guard.

A roof made of fiberglass shingles also provides a certain level of security, as the material is more fire resistant than many other types -- particularly the older materials. Consequently, fiberglass shingles frequently receive a class ‘A’ fire rating. The strength and durability of fiberglass shingles is backed by manufacturers. In fact, many offer generous long-term warranties for those on the high-end.

If you have questions about fiberglass shingles, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. Among the long-established Orange County roofing companies, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Whether you need roofing services in Tustin, Midway City or anywhere else in OC, Luke Roofing is an Orange County roofing company you can count on.

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Roofing Trends to Get Excited About

When you’re an Orange County roofer, you’ve got to be in tune with the roofing trends. Imagine, providing roofing services in Irvine or any other city, and not knowing what the latest and greatest is. Wouldn’t give homeowners much confidence, would it? Fortunately, we at Luke Roofing keep tabs on what’s ahead so we’re always a leader, not a follower. For those who are curious about what’s around the corner in our industry, here are four trends currently on the radar of this commercial roofer.  
Asphalt Shingles Rule
Expect the popularity of asphalt shingles to continue climbing. Topping the list is laminate asphalt, primarily because of its durability. Composite shingles also are proving very popular, particularly those incorporating cooling granules. Though tiny, these granules do a big job of improving the energy efficiency of rooftops. 
Reflect on This
By reflecting sunshine away from a home, reflective roof coatings help minimize heat buildup on roof surfaces. The windfall, of course, is a cooler, more comfortable interior during hot summer months. 
Cool Colors
As with reflective coatings, lighter hues send the sun’s rays away from your roof and keep your home cooler. Among the effective, sun-repelling colors are off white, silver, and light gray. 
Green is Always In
With energy efficiency a top priority these days, Orange County roofers such as Luke Roofing expect more green technology to find its way into roofing materials. Current possibilities include photovoltaic roofing systems, tile solar roofing, solar shingles, and photovoltaic modules.  These materials generally are suitable for both existing rooftops and brand new ones. 
If you have questions about current roofing trends, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established commercial roofing contractor, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Whether you need roofing services in Irvine, Tustin or anywhere else in OC, Luke Roofing is your trusted Orange County roofer.  
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Steer Clear of Siding Trouble

Siding makes a huge contribution to a home’s overall appearance. But as this Orange County roofer knows, it also has a more basic function – protecting properties from the unwanted entry of water. Siding, of course, is like any other part of your house – it’s subject to normal wear and tear. Along with lowering your home’s aesthetic appeal, such deterioration invites leakage, especially near windows, doors, and corner moldings. Fortunately, homeowners can steer clear of trouble by conducting their own siding inspection. Here’s what to look for:

Caulk – Time can be brutal to caulk. Check yours for cracks or signs of loosening -- both open invitations to water leakage. If you notice either of these warning signs, re-apply caulk as soon as possible. For best results, choose a warm, dry day. Caulk adheres best when temperatures exceed 65 degrees.

Cracks and Chips – Both are very common with siding that’s past its prime. For wood, telltale signs are chipped or peeling paint, as well as cracks in boards and trim. This applies whether the material is pine, spruce, cedar, redwood, or fir. Equally vulnerable is stucco, which can develop its own cracks and chips over time.

Brick Siding – The big giveaway here is crumbling mortar joints. If you see evidence of this deterioration, repairs will be necessary.

Good News for Homeowners

A thorough cleaning can help preserve siding, thereby saving homeowners from premature repair and replacement costs. Basic equipment for the job is a bucket of warm, soapy water, and a scrub brush. Once the scrubbing begins, commercial roofers generally recommend going from bottom to top. This prevents streaking. Depending on your siding’s square footage, the cleansing job can take one or two afternoons. So don’t plan on going anywhere for awhile.

If you have questions about home siding, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established commercial roofing contractor, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Offering roofing services from Dana Point to Tustin, Luke Roofing is your trusted Orange County roofer.

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