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Rooftop Adversaries

The intrusion of elements is one of the main reasons that homeowners request the help of an Orange County roofing company. Sure, elements such as rain, wind, and the like all are part of nature’s well-designed plan. But to your rooftop, no matter how durable the material, these natural occurrences often can prove severely damaging. Indeed, rooftop damage is clear-cut proof that it's awfully difficult to fight nature. You certainly, however, can keep your eyes open and do your best to minimize damage. What are the main elements posing a threat to your seemingly invulnerable shingles? In the vast majority of cases, an Orange County roofing company will be dealing with the with impact made by the following:

Sunlight – Yes, the typical Orange County roofing contractor often is summonsed to intervene because of damage caused by those golden rays. It’s inevitable. Over the years, a steady flow of blazing heat and ultraviolet rays will inflict considerable wear and tear on your shingles. You’ll notice the greatest impact on the sides of your roof facing west or south – the directions in which sunlight is the brightest and most direct.

Rain – Commercial roofing contractors and residential roofing contractors frequently will be called upon to repair damage inflicted by ordinary rain water.  It’s not difficult for moisture produced by a cloudburst to invade restricted areas. Typically, the water sneaks in beneath shingles and other parts of the roof. Once rainwater penetrates these forbidden zones, invaded areas are vulnerable to rotting, mildew, and other unsightly damage. But the intrusion doesn’t necessarily stop there. Rain moisture also can penetrate other areas of the house, including walls and ceilings.

Wind – Intense winds can lift the edges of roofing materials such as shingles, allowing the entry of water and other unwanted elements.

If you have questions about natural elements that can cause roof damage, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofer in Orange and surrounding areas, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for the most efficient, reliable roofing solutions.

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Roof Moss 101

With all the trees beautifying Orange County, shade naturally comes with the territory. So if you have a home in say Aliso Viejo, chances are you’re getting a great deal of complimentary air conditioning courtesy of all those spreading limbs and branches. Shade, however, also brings an unwelcome addition to your  home – roof moss. If you see masses of this green stuff on your rooftop, you needn’t call in your local Aliso Viejo roofing contractor to deal with the issue. You can personally eliminate the problem with the right resources. But before you launch your moss assault, this Orange County roofing company suggests that you get slightly acquainted with your foe.

In a nutshell, moss is a kind of plant that thrives in moist regions. Dampness is necessary because it lacks roots, the typical water intake system for vegetation. For a busy Orange County roofing contractor, moss is a common sight. As previously mentioned, the abundant tree cover so common in OC provides the shady conditions so vital to its growth.  Once you add in a dose of moisture, particularly common in coastal areas, you’ve set the stage perfectly for the future appearance of moss.

As any commercial roofing contractor will tell you, there are three basic ways to eliminate roof moss.

•    Remove the shade that is promoting the growth of rooftop moss.
•    Create a highly acidic environment for moss. Or convert it into a base environment (these exceed 7 pH levels).
•    Remove all water and other forms of moisture from the vicinity.

Luke Roofing will elaborate on these solutions in a future post. So stay connected.

If you have questions about removing roof moss, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofing company, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Whether you need roofing services in Orange or anywhere else in OC, Luke Roofing is an Orange County roofing company you can count on.

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The Best Orange County Roofing Company is State Licensed

best orange county roofing companyThe Best Orange County Roofing Company is State Licensed

These days, it’s easier than ever for SoCal individuals and companies to find a roofing company. A quick Google search turns up literally hundreds of options in the area. So the problem isn’t just finding someone to fix your roof. The problem is ensuring that you’re using the best Orange County roofing company for your needs.

Obviously, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to shopping for a roofing contractor. But one of the top requirements on your list should be that your contractor is licensed with the State of California.

In fact, any company that doesn’t provide potential customers with a current, verifiable license number isn’t worth your time. Here’s why:

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