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Can You Add a New Roof Over an Old One?

There’s no doubt about it, laying a new shingle roof over an old roof is a cheaper option. It requires much less labor from your Orange County roofing contractors. And sometimes, this really is the best option. However, it’s important to consider whether roofing over your existing roof is a good option, or if you should have the contractors tear off your roof to replace it completely.

Know the local codes

One reason you’ll need to hire a licensed contractor to update or replace your roof is that they’ll be familiar with the local building codes. These codes govern whether or not you even can roof over your existing roof.

Each local area has different rules, but the bottom line is that your roof can only weigh so much. If you’re already approaching the limit according to local building codes, you may not be able to add another layer to your roof. Your professional roofer will be able to calculate the weight of your current and additional roofing materials to determine whether or not your roof is a candidate for having a new layer.

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