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Metal Roofs in Orange County

Once upon a time, metal roofs were merely sheets of tin tossed up over southern shanties and red barns. The corrugated metal looked attractive, in a rustic, woodsy sort of way. But metal wasn’t a material you’d use for most residential roofs, especially not if your house was of a certain style.

But today, metal roofing has expanded its repertoire. It’s now a versatile, good-looking option that can look like more traditional roofing materials for residences. Whether your home is a European-style Colonial, a contemporary home, or even a classic SoCal mission style, there’s a metal roof for your home.

But first, the benefits

Of course, other types of roofs will also work for these styles of homes. Colonials, for instance, are often roofed in wood shingles or even asphalt shingles. Contemporary homes typically use shingle roofs, though some other options are used. And on mission-style adobe homes, you’ll usually find slate or clay tile roofing.

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