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Want Lower Indoor Temperatures? Look to Your Roof

Heat waves happen. And nobody knows this better than residents of Southern California. With summer still going strong, locals will be seeking ways to keep cool in the upcoming months. What are some ways in which this can be accomplished? Many an Orange County roofer will tell you that a good place to begin is on the top of your home – specifically your roof. Yes, foot for foot, your roof can be one of the best temperature-controlling mechanisms on your property. How well it functions in this respect depends on its material composition. Different materials provide different levels of cooling power.

Take metal roofs, for example. Whenever an Orange County roofing company installs one of these, they’re contributing to lower household temperatures. That’s because metal roofs remain cooler than other types, even in the face of blistering sunlight. Credit must go to their natural tendency to reflect rather than absorb sunlight. Metal’s reflective surface redirects solar rays away from your house, thereby minimizing heat penetration. Because less sun heat enters your home, temperatures remain cooler than they otherwise would. If you employ an air-conditioning system for temperature-control, expect to use it less with a metal roof on the job. Consequently, you also can expect lower energy bills.

Also effective at reflecting sunlight are certain roof colors. Whites and other light hues are hands-down winners when it comes to re-directing solar rays.

Clearly, the right roof can help control indoor temperatures. To find out what fits your situation, consider reaching out to a professional who understands your local environment. For instance, if you reside in Ladera Ranch, consult a qualified Ladera Ranch roofer for details. It could be the first step on the road to a cooler, more comfortable living experience.

If you have questions about how a roof can control the indoor temperature of your home, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofer, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for the most efficient, reliable roofing solutions.

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