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5 Things to Know About Skylights, Before Intstallation

Skylights can be a fun, helpful addition to your home. They can bring natural light into areas like bathrooms and closets where regular windows are less than idea. Or they can make rooms seem even larger, with an endless view up into the sky.

However, when not installed properly, skylights can do some real damage to both your roof and the interior of your home. So before you install a skylight, be sure you know these five things:

1.Placement is paramount

When you’re considering where to put a skylight, you should know that you can’t just plop it in wherever seems convenient. Sure, it’d be nice to be able to pick any spot on the inside of your home and stick a skylight there. But you can’t do that!

Skylights come in limited sizes for a reason: they need to fit between beams. You certainly don’t want to cut through your roof’s support beams to put in a skylight.

The easiest way to figure out where you can put a skylight is to look at your home’s official blueprints, which will lay out where all the beams in your home happen to fall. If you have attic access, you can also just look between the roofing supports to determine where your skylight can go.

Not sure where you can put a skylight in your home? Consult with a professional to determine the best course of actions.

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Most common Orange County Roof Repairs

common-roof-repairs-ocReplacing a roof isn’t cheap. That’s why it’s important to repair your roof - rather than replacing it - whenever possible. Unless the shingles or tiles on your roof are completely worn out, repairs are able to fix many issues you might be having - including leaking. Orange County roof repair often addresses a group of very common problems. Here are some of the most common repairs that we do:

1. Damaged flashing.

Flashing is a piece of metal that adds extra protection to your roof’s extra vulnerable points. It’s found around skylights, around chimneys, and sometimes in the valleys of your roof where two surfaces meet. These areas are more prone to leaks, and are harder to get shingles and tiles into properly.

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