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Liability Insurance - A Necessity for Roofing Contractors

Your Orange County roofing contractor must have several licenses and types of insurance in order to work legally in California. Among other things, they’ll need a local license and workmen’s compensation insurance.

One type of insurance that is sometimes optional for legal work is liability insurance. However, you’ll definitely want to ensure that your roofer has good liability insurance. This is the type of insurance that actually protects you, the homeowner, in case of a disaster.

What liability insurance covers

A roofing contractor’s liability insurance covers incidents that are caused by the contractor or by the work that goes on in your home. Sometimes these incidents are due to negligence, but this is rarely the case. In fact, many liability insurance claims come about by complete accident.

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More Smiles Per Square Foot

You’ve got a comfortable home in San Juan Capistrano. But somehow, that plush living room doesn’t shine with the brilliance you crave. It could, however, with the help of a San Juan Capistrano roofer. By adding a skylight to your home, an Orange County roofing company will create an open-invitation to abundant room-brightening sunshine. 
A skylight can work on multiple levels. Not only will it bring sunshine indoors. Certain models will bring in fresh air and breezes, as well. Given these advantages, a skylight is a shoe-in to give your home more smiles per square foot. 
Deciding Between the Two Types of Skylights
As with all other important decisions, this Orange County roofing contractor recommends you get somewhat familiar with skylights -- before committing to an installation. The first thing to know as that there are two basic types.  Fixed skylights are a permanently-shut window. If fresh air and cool breezes are your heart’s desire, these probably aren’t the way to go. 
What is the way to go is a ventilated skylight. As mentioned above, these open and close to admit fresh air galore. But, as any commercial roofing contractor would advise, make sure they’re easily accessible. Otherwise, they’ll likely prove more trouble – and more expense -- than they’re worth.   
The other important thing to consider is whether you want tinted glass or clear. If you lean toward a brighter ambience, clear glass is best. That’s because it admits more light indoors. Should you later decide to tone down the illumination, you always can equip your skylight with a shade or screen. 
If you have questions about skylights, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established commercial roofing contractor, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Whether you need roofing services in Seal Beach or anywhere else in OC, Luke Roofing is an Orange County roofing company you can count on.  
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What to Consider When Replacing a Tile Roof.

If your home is like many in Orange County, California, it has a tile roof. These roofs have many great advantages, including added insulation and the ability to stand the test of time. They can last for fifty years or more without being replaced. But, eventually, nearly any roof will wear down and need replaced. When you’re considering replacing your clay or concrete tile roof, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration, including the following:

Repair or Replace?

The first question to ask your Orange County roofing contractor is whether your roof can be repaired cost-effectively, or if it should be replaced. Like shingle roofs, clay tile roofs can be replaced fairly easily by the right professional. Individual tiles that are cracked or worn can be replaced on their own.

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Is Your Roof Right for Solar Energy?

Solar energy systems require more than a daily supply of sunlight. Also needed is the right kind of roof. A premier Orange County roofing company, Luke Roofing frequently evaluates rooftops for solar compatibility. Before beginning a solar installation, our team makes certain the roof in question meets the following criteria. 

Direction. The more sunlight saturating your roof, the more energy solar panels can gather and produce. In California, south-facing roofs are best, as these get the most sunlight. Also receiving many sunlight hours are east and west-facing roofs.  If your roof faces any of these directions, they’re in a position to generate sufficient amounts of solar electricity. North-facing roofs, however, are a different story. These get comparatively little sunlight, making them poor candidates for solar energy panels. 

Room. A roof with abundant space is ideal for an Orange County roofing contractor such as us. With sufficient work room, installers can adequately maneuver and organize solar panels. Rooftop obstacles such as skylights and vents create major challenges, however.  Not only do they hamper maneuverability, they restrict the number of panels that can be installed. Remember, the more panels, the more sun-generated power produced – and the less you must rely on conventional electricity.

Age. Generally, the older the roof, the more difficult and time-consuming the solar panel installation. Among the biggest risks inherent to an aging roof is the possibility of installation damage. Sometimes it’s simply better to hold off on a solar energy system until you replace your old roof.

If you have questions or are considering roof repairs or upgrades, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established commercial roofing contractor, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every need and situation. Offering roofing services from Placentia to Seal Beach, Luke Roofing is your trusted Orange County roofing contractor.  

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Commercial Roof Repair Experience

commercial-roof-maintenance-300When it comes to your commercial building, the roof is one of the most expensive - and most essential - pieces. A leaky roof can mean serious damage to other systems in your commercial building. This is why it’s essential to hire professionals for commercial roof repair.

What if you have a maintenance person or even an entire crew in your building? Shouldn’t you just let them do the repairs?

Well, that depends. If your maintenance workers have experience in commercial roofing, they may be able to do the repairs themselves. But if this isn’t the case, hiring a professional Orange County roofing contractor can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s why:

Inexperience can lead to mistakes

Even if your maintenance crew has a bit of experience installing and maintaining roofs, they may not have all the experience necessary to truly do the job right. Mistakes with commercial roof repair can lead to larger consequences down the road - like leaks that cause problems with other systems.

Even simple mistakes like using the wrong equipment to get onto the rooftop can cause damage to your gutters or to the roof itself. Even walking on the roof incorrectly can cause problems that you have to pay to fix down the road. Then, you’ll find yourself shelling out more cash to fix those problems, snowballing the costs of the roof repair.

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