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Roof Protection for Holiday Decorators

As a dedicated Orange County roofer, we’re trained to help with a wide range of roofing needs. But there is one issue we hope never to deal with. That issue is damage resulting from the installation of rooftop Christmas lights and decorations. Oh yes, this can happen … more than you’d think. Many an Orange County roofer can attest to that.

Private residences aren’t the only structures vulnerable to error-prone humanity. Commercial buildings, too, can experience damage when decorations are hung from the rooftop with care. Fortunately, do-it-yourself holiday decorators can take certain precautionary steps. These will reduce the risk of rooftop damage. As a result, you’ll be less likely to require the intervention of a commercial roofer or residential roofer. Here are some of those steps:

First and foremost, don’t connect holiday decorations directly to shingles. Big mistake. The installation can create small holes in those shingles. The openings, in turn, will readily admit unwanted dampness into your home. Yes, tiny holes don’t seem all that serious. But don’t be fooled. The punctures can admit enough moisture to cause plenty of internal rotting. Your best bet is to attach decorations using clips connected to eaves or gutters.

Secondly, if you must move a strand of lights or other decorations, don’t yank the entire batch. Instead, disconnect the ornamentation one clip at a time. Abrupt pulling can damage shingles and gutters. Then you’ll be calling an Orange County roofing company to make some very unseasonal repairs.

If you really feel out of your element, summons a professional decorator. This acknowledged expert will take a load off your shoulders. And you’ll be free to roast many more chestnuts over that open fire.

So please do yourself a favor. Take the foregoing steps to heart and faithfully carry them out. Doing so will help prevent costly damage … and keep your Orange County roofer home for the holidays.

If you have questions about safely installing holiday decorations on your rooftop, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofer in Lake Forest and surrounding cities, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for the most efficient, reliable roofing solutions.

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Why Roof Flashing - Roofing Contractor

As part of your overall roofing system, you may not think about flashing much. But whether you’re in for roof repair or full replacement, rest assured that your Orange County roofing contractor is thinking about flashing. It’s an essential part of the weatherproofing system for your home, and should be used in more places than just on the roof. But as part of the roof, it’s essential.

So what is flashing, and why is it so important? And how do you know if it’s been damaged and needs repaired or replaced?

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5 Advantages of Home Solar Systems

solar systemConsidering installing a solar system in your home? As solar panels become more affordable and more efficient, more and more California homeowners are considering installing them. When you work with professional solar panel installers, you can get solar panels that look great and give your home the energy it needs to keep running.

If you’re on the fence about installing solar panels in your home, just consider these five huge advantages of solar power:

1.They can power your entire home

It used to be that solar panels weren’t efficient enough to power your whole home. They could just be used to offset your power needs. Now, even a home with relatively little roof real estate can be powered entirely by solar panels. In fact, tens of thousands of US homes in remote areas are powered exclusively by solar these days!

Even in your home that’s part of the national power grid, you can use solar to exclusively provide your home’s energy needs. This means that you can not only save money on your monthly electric bill, but that you might also be able to get an extra check from the electric company. To meet ever-increasing demands for power, some electric companies today will actually pay consumers who put more energy into the grid than they use!

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