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Your Roof’s Hidden Protector


It’s easy to think of a roof as an eye-catching arrangement of shingles. After all, that’s what people generally see when gazing at the upper portion of your home. But to an Orange County roofer, a roof is much more than its visible side. One of its important unseen features is an underlayer that provides support and strength for the entire structure. It is what the shingles are set down upon. The layer is called a roof deck.

This component is not to be confused with a house deck, where people often relax and take in fabulous views. No, a roof deck is something completely different, with a very specific function. Basically, it’s the real barrier between your home and the great outdoors.

Generally made of plywood, a roof deck is a solid structure spanning the entire upper plane of your home. Orange County roofers have many choices when it comes to the thickness of the wood to be used. Thickness depends on various factors such a roof’s slope and what type of shingles will be covering the wood.

But there’s more to a roof deck than wood. An Orange County roofer also must waterproof the deck to prevent leaks and other unwanted moisture intrusions. For this, contractors apply a layer of water-resistant material to the deck. Among the available materials are asphalt-saturated felt and rubberized asphalt, both of which do an excellent job of keeping water out.

Curious for more information about this important topic? Simply reach out to a local expert for enlightenment. Perhaps you live in Tustin. Then your next step is clear – contact a Tustin roofer for information. It’s that easy.

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