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Three Important Layers of a Roofing System


Look at the roof of any home, and you’ll see a unified structure. But there’s more here than meets the eye. A roofing system actually consists of separate components, all of which work together to provide proper functionality. Orange County Roofers install three of these components in layers, creating what is considered the main section of the system.

The first of these layers, a solid flat plane known as the deck, rests atop your home’s rafters. It is both a foundation for the rooftop and a unifying hub for all roofing components. You might say the deck holds it all together.

Decks can be made of various materials, including plywood and metal. Before beginning a job, an Orange County Roofing Company will determine which material is best suited for your home.

Once a deck is in place, a roofing professional will cover this component with a layer known as underlayment. The primary function of this covering is to absorb any moisture leaking through a home’s shingles. Not surprisingly, underlayment is made of a high absorption material, such as felt or a sturdy synthetic.

The outer roof covering is the third and most noticeable layer installed by Orange County Roofers. Since everyone sees this part, it has a dual function – look good and provide protection. Shingles, tile, metal, and slate are the materials of choice for roof coverings.

Are you itching to know more about all this? Then by all means, contact a trusted local expert. Maybe your city of residence is Mission Viejo. In that case, your best bet is to consult a Mission Viejo Roofer about this topic. Rest assured, great enlightenment will follow.

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