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Don’t Make a Shingle Mistake

After the roof replacement … after the Orange County roofers have completed the job…It’s too late. The shingles have been installed and are permanently attached. The color scheme is set. And nothing short of a magic wand will change that color. Clearly, this isn’t the time to realize you’ve selected the wrong shade. Only a complete re-do would solve that problem. But that’s not exactly the ideal option, is it? Therefore, it’s best to nail the right color well in advance. How do you know what qualifies? How do you get a sense of what works? You’ll need some input from reliable resources.

One reliable resource is close at hand. That would be neighbors, or if applicable, your helpful homeowner’s association. Either resource can tell you what colors conform to community roofing standards, and which ones clash. Additionally, a professional from an Orange County roofing company can be of assistance. Any one of these experts will be well acquainted with local roofing standards, trends, and requirements. Along with other advice, a professional can introduce you to the many color options currently available for your home. Many homeowners would be surprised by the dazzling variety.

Naturally, you don’t want to overlook yourself as a source of inspired opinion. Observe the details of your home’s exterior, particularly the siding. Which shingle colors do you think will harmonize with this aspect of your house? Additionally, you should consider the style of your community. How will your chosen shade or shades fit in with the overall scheme?

A good place to begin your assessment is with a qualified roofer. Maybe you live in Laguna Niguel. OK, simply ask a Laguna Niguel roofer for information. After all, it’s better to know what’s right now than to find out when it’s too late.

If you have questions about selecting the proper shingle color, Luke Roofing can help. A long-established Orange County roofer, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for reliable roofing solutions.

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Rooftop Aesthetics Get Colorful

Shingles are limited to drab, ordinary colors, right? No longer. Today, an Orange County roofer can offer shingles in a variety of colors. But selecting the right hue shouldn’t be a snap decision. Homeowners will fare much better when they give the selection process as much care and attention as that reserved for other household choices. Many factors will present themselves while mulling over the possibilities. As many Orange County roofing companies view the situation, three factors stand out above all others. Homeowners should give this trio strong consideration before narrowing down the field to any color.

An Orange County roofer would recommend muted shingle shades for homeowners looking for ease. Toned-down hues such as grays and blacks are like personal attire – they go with anything. Thus, no matter what the color or style of your home, these colors are guaranteed to match the exterior with flawless precision. Clashing is highly unlikely.

You should, however, consider your home’s special features, such as bricks. Clearly, you’ll want a shingle shade that harmonizes with elaborate brickwork. Consult with an Orange County roofer to ensure you achieve this harmonious blend.

Finally, homeowners should never forget the landscape – on their property and beyond. Shingles that match the surroundings will be the most appreciated.

It’s not always easy selecting a shingle shade. Which is why an expert opinion can help in a big way. No matter where you live, professional input can be extremely valuable. Perhaps you reside in Mission Viejo. In that case, simply consult with a Mission Viejo roofer about the matter of color selection. The interaction between you and these experts is likely to produce a sound, aesthetically-pleasing decision that will have a long-term impact on your property.

If you have questions about selecting a color for shingles, be sure to reach out to Luke Roofing. A long-established Orange County roofer, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for the most efficient, reliable roofing solutions.

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