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How to Form a Permanent Attachment to Your Home

Many people get attached to their homes. Really attached. Totally understandable. But there’s another way home attachments are formed. That is with those handy items you’ll find in any hardware store -- nails. That’s right. An Orange County Roofer must nail those shingles and other roofing components to the top of your home. It’s the permanent attachment every home needs.

Nails can be made of different materials, beginning with aluminum. The big advantage of this material is cost – or should we say minimal cost. Aluminum nails are the least expensive type, making them ideal for budget control and cost containment. But the advantages don’t stop there. Aluminum nails also are reliably rust resistant, strong, and lightweight.

Equally affordable and rust resistant are stainless steel nails. These, however, have one distinct advantage over their aluminum counterparts – they’re stronger and longer lasting.

Amazingly, an Orange County Roofing Company has a much stronger and more rust resistant option than either of the two foregoing nail types – galvanized steel. Yes, these nails will last even longer than the aluminum or stainless-steel variety.

But the blue ribbon for endurance and strength goes to copper nails, which have been known to last a century or more. As you might expect, the superior strength comes with a hefty price tag – copper is considerably more expensive than the other types. Because of this cost factor, an Orange County Roofer uses this material only in special circumstances.

Want to really nail this topic? Then by all means, grab some more info from a local professional. Maybe you hang your hat in Laguna Hills. OK. Simply consult with a Laguna Hills Roofer, and get the instant education you’ve always wanted.

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