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Shingle Construction Step by Step


Homeowners understand the hard work performed by an Orange County Roofer when a dedicated crew installs shingles. But many people are not aware of the hard work that goes into the creation of those same shingles. That’s right. Manufacturing these roofing components requires a series of steps that builds them into their finished form, layer by layer.

The foundation and first layer in this unique creation process is a fiberglass mat or sheet. Both sides of this sheet are coated with a layer of asphalt to which certain minerals are added. What’s the purpose of this mineral addition? Primarily to help make the fiberglass material more durable and weather resistant.

The next phase in the creation process is the adding of granules to the asphalt coating. These granules typically are made of ground up rock coated with ceramic. Naturally, these bits of rock have job to do. In fact, they have multiple functions. The first is to provide coloration; the second, to provide protection against sunlight.

Following this stage, a sealant is applied to the shingle sheet. Afterwards, a few more details are attended to, and finally the sheet is cut into the shingles we all recognize. Before going to market, the newly created shingles are packed into bundles and distributed to warehouses as needed.

Clearly, there’s considerable work that goes into the making of shingles -- long before an Orange County Roofing Company begins the process of installing them. Hard work before the hard work, so to speak.

Got questions about this little-known process. Why not ask a local expert? You might, for instance, reside in Newport Beach. Fine. Just discuss this topic with a Newport Beach Roofer. You’ll be educated to your complete satisfaction.

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