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The Real Reason Why Shingles Prevent Leaks


True or false – roof shingles generally are made of a powerful water-resistant material that minimizes water leakage. The answer to this question is false – shingles generally are not made of such a material. Then how do they prevent the intrusion of unwanted moisture? Does an Orange County roofer have some special ability that helps increase the water resisting powers of shingles? Not really. When you come down to it, there are two primary variables that determine how well shingles keep water out of the home. The first is the slope of a roof being serviced; the second is the installation itself. Both are equally important.

Angled roofs give shingles a major helping hand when it comes to leak prevention. Because of the slope, rainwater naturally runs off the roof and into rain gutters and then onto the ground. Thus, when servicing such roofs, Orange County roofers have a huge head start in the water-control department.

Flat roofs, however, offer no such advantage. Being parallel to the ground, they can’t exactly take advantage of gravity to send water downward. Instead, they create the ideal conditions for water pooling – the rain just has no place to go.

Then what is the answer for a flat roof? The solution actually applies to both angled and flat roofs -- it is overlaying. When installing shingles, an Orange County roofing company sets each succeeding one down so that they overlap. Each shingle, consequently, sits slightly lower than the one behind it, creating not only a natural seal but also a succession of downward steps. This formation helps send water away from the roof.

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