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How Temperature Volatility Impacts Asphalt Shingles

What causes cracks in asphalt roof shingles? Most Orange County Roofers would place the blame on weather changes. The phenomenon, called thermal splitting, is caused by temperature variations, as conditions seasonally shift from cold to warm and back again. During the warmer months, intensifying heat expands shingle material, particularly fiberglass. When the mercury drops, the opposite occurs – shingles contract. Over the years, the expansion-contraction cycle can tear a fissure into any impacted shingle. Homeowners see this tear as an unsightly crack in the once unblemished material.

As any Orange County Roofing Company will point out, thermal splitting can occur in virtually any kind of shingle. Once upon a time, the problem affected only the less-durable type with a 15-year rating. But no longer. Even long-duration products can develop major tears.

Temperature variations often combine with other problems to accelerate the development of shingle cracks. One of the problems is the use of a flimsy fiberglass mat in the shingle material. Often seen by Orange County Roofers, this flimsiness reduces the material’s ability to resist the various tear-causing forces.

Equally problematic is the presence of an overly strong bonding agent. By creating a super tight hold to the roofing surface, the agent restricts shingle movement. And that’s a major drawback. Shingles require a certain amount of flexibility to stretch in response to temperature shifts. This flexibility minimizes thermal tearing pressure.

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