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Some Important Points About Your Roof Deck

Have you selected a team of Orange County Roofers to replace your roof? Then you can expect this group of professionals to make some important decisions about your roof deck. Also called sheathing, a deck is the arrangement of wooden planks or boards serving as the foundation for the layer of shingles gracing your home.

After the crew strips away the old shingles, they’ll get a complete view of the existing deck. At that point, they must make one of three important decisions – replace the old deck entirely, replace just a few of the boards, or leave what's there alone.

In most cases, an Orange County Roofing company will decide to replace some of the boards already in place. The likely reason is deterioration, which typically happens to sheathing over time. In this case, the crew will remove the old boards, then fasten replacement pieces onto the deck. Typically, nails are used for this purpose. These may be one to one-and-a-half inches in length, depending on the thickness of the sheathing material.

Whether replacing the entire deck or just some of the boards, Orange County Roofers will be installing one of two types of decking. Sheet sheathing consists of wooden sheets, while plank sheathing, as its name implies, is made of wooden planks. Once upon a time, the latter was the go-to decking material. Nowadays, however, the sheet variety is by far the most popular type.

You might want to explore this topic further with a qualified professional. In that case, it’s best to contact a local expert. For instance, if you make your home in San Clemente, discuss the topic with a San Clemente Roofer. You’re sure to get plenty of high value info.

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