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How Many Shingles Will My Home Need?


Before homeowners get new shingles installed on their roofs, they’ll probably ask a variety of questions. How much will this kind of shingle cost? What’s the best color? Should I get asphalt or another type? But rarely do homeowners ask their Orange County Roofers this question – how many shingles will my home need? Still, it is an important issue. And some people may be itching to know exactly what this number is. The best and only answer, of course, is it all depends on various factors. When calculating shingle count, professionals look closely at different variables before deciding.

An Orange County Roofing Company likely will begin the process by considering roof size, as well as the different sectional shapes of a rooftop (if relevant). Is one section of the rooftop square? Another rectangular? Maybe triangular? Or other. All these factors must be weighed carefully before performing a calculation of the total area.

These factors, however, aren’t the only ones requiring evaluation. Orange County Roofers also must account for different physical components and features of a rooftop. For instance, professionals might have to deal with ridges. Or there could be some starter strips (shingles with special adhesive strip) or other features likely to influence shingle count.

Once all the considerations are examined, an Orange County Roofing company can select the proper quantity of shingles for installation. Shingles typically come in bundles that specify the square footage covered. So, it’s simply a matter of selecting the number of bundles that match the needed coverage.

Got questions on any of this? You can get them answered to your complete satisfaction. Just ask a local expert. Let’s say you hang your hat in Mission Viejo. In that case, just consult a Mission Viejo Roofer. It’s the best way to get prompt, accurate answers to all your questions.

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