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A Glance at Dormers


Practically speaking, a roofing system is never finished. In fact, an Orange County roofer can improve virtually any roof in a variety of ways. This professional may, for instance, add a dormer to a rooftop. Dormers serve several purposes.

First, if your home has an attic or other upper area, Orange County roofers can increase the space of this region by installing a dormer. Second, dormers have beautiful windows, which provide additional ventilation to your home. Just open the window, and in comes sweet, fresh air. This ventilation is particularly important when the air is flowing into your attic. That’s because mold and mildew tend to develop in attic spaces, where moisture often accumulates. Added ventilation minimizes the room’s mold and mildew risk.

An Orange County roofing company must be especially careful when installing dormers – mainly because these additions are potentially vulnerable to leaks. To prevent leakage, a professional contractor will place flashing around the perimeter of a dormer. Flashing creates a protective seal and a reliable barrier against rain, snow, and other meteorological intrusions.

And let’s not overlook the aesthetic appeal of dormers. A plain roof can transform into a work of art when this addition becomes part of the architecture. If your roof already is stunning, a dormer will only enhance its visual impact.

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