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Style and Comfort: The Importance of Shingle Color


Homeowners go through great lengths to choose the right colors for various parts of their homes. Walls, furniture, and other elements all are carefully evaluated before colors are chosen. Well, believe it or not, you should give the same level of attention to roof shingles. As with other residential features, shingle coloration can make a big difference in many ways. To select the ideal shingle shade, Orange County Roofers recommend taking a long hard look at several important factors.

First is the safety issue. If you want to feel 100% safe with your color choice, go with muted hues such as black or gray. As with clothing, these shades match virtually anything and everything on or around your home. There are, of course, exceptions to this time-honored principle. But they are far and few between. When in doubt, go with those muted hues. Or simply consult an Orange County Roofing Company. The experts there can help you assess your situation and arrive at the best decision.  

Often, the more permanent features of your property also can influence shingle color. For instance, your property may be surrounded or divided by a big, glorious brick wall. Since you’re not likely to tear down and rebuild the wall to match shingle shade, the obvious move is to select shingles that match the permanent structure.

Now, what if you’ve mulled the matter over carefully, evaluated all the variables, and still can't arrive at a color choice? In that case, Orange County Roofers recommend taking in your natural surroundings. Look at all the beautiful flowers and trees gracing your property. What colors leap out from this radiant display? Often, matching shingle coloration to these brilliant hues will work out great.

By the way, there’s a practical side to shingle coloration. That’s right. Certain hues can have a major impact on interior temperatures. Sure, with winter powering forward at full strength, it’s hard to imagine a need for cooler in-home temperatures. Eventually, however, the frost will melt, and things will heat up – including the great indoors. When this happens, shingles can provide plenty of welcome temperature control.

As it turns out, shingles are like clothing in the heat control department. White or light-colored shingles reflect incoming sunlight and send those nasty rays streaming away in the other direction, away from your rooftop. The result? Sunlight doesn’t bake your rooftop, sending heat into your home and raising interior temperatures. Indoor comfort, therefore, is greatly enhanced. And all thanks to your roof shingles. No wonder many an Orange County Roofing Company refers to them as ‘cool roofs’. That’s exactly what they are.

There’s even a way to make shingles even cooler. Currently available to homeowners are solar reflective shingles. These are coated with a special material that reflects sunlight in much the same way that shiny metal roofs do.    

So there it is. From aesthetic value to interior comfort, the impact of shingle coloration is considerable. To learn more about the importance of this coloration, it’s best to consult a local expert. You might, for example, reside in Irvine. OK, in that case, simply discuss the topic with an Irvine Roofer. There’s no better and quicker way to get the answers you need.   

If you have questions about roof shingles, Luke Roofing can help. A long-established Orange County Roofer, we provide prompt, reliable expertise for every residential roofing and commercial roofing need. No matter where you live in OC, you can count on Luke Roofing for reliable roofing solutions.

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